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  • Session 1: Composition

  • Session 2: Development of ideas, arrangement, and orchestration

  • Session 3: Music Production

The composition “Danças da Quarentena” is used as a case study for this course.

Students will have access to:

  • More than 6 hours of videos.

  • Complete score, reduced scores, and lead sheet.

  • Compositional drafts.

  • Additional pedagogical content.

  • Music exercises.

  • The recording

The course is presented in English. (click here for the Portuguese version)


  • Read music.

  • Know basic music theory.

Suggested skills:

  • Harmony

  • Some composition and arrangement experience


1-year subscription plan.

Send an email if you have any questions.

Listen to the composition I used as a case study for this course

Take a quick look at some of the content available

 (this video was posted during the creation of this course)


Francisco Pais Cardoso

"I have done Rafael's Creative Processes course and it was incredible!


I want to share it with everyone - I highly recommend this course! The tips and information that he shares are invaluable!

He changed my life with the way he looks at important elements in the music that needs to be addressed when you are writing, composing, and arranging.

I'm very thankful for him. And I highly recommend this course because I think it is incredible! It is amazing!

Everyone out there: check out any educational material that Rafael puts out because it is priceless!"

2020, Newport - Rhode Island

More courses coming soon!

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