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By Rafael Piccolotto de Lima

Audiovisual services for artists - NYC metropolitan area.

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On-Location Recording

Our on-location recording services ensure that your music is captured with precision, preserving the unique acoustics and visuals of your performances.

Representative list of locations we recorded / filmed at:​

Performance venues

Birdland Jazz Club

Birdland Theater

Blue Note Jazz Club

Dizzy's Club - Jazz at Lincoln Center

Lincoln Center Atrium

Lincoln Center Summer Stage

Bonafide Jazz Club

National Sawdust

DiMenna Center for Classical Music

Emmet's Place

Yamaha Artists Services NYC

Rockwood Concert Hall

Recording studios

NYU Studio (James Dolan Music Recording Studio)

Sears Sound Studio

The Bunker Studio

Big Orange Sheep Studio

Oktaven Audio Studio

Multichannel Audio Recording

Our versatile equipment ensures that every sound is captured appropriately and with clarity.


Experience the richness of multichannel audio recording that brings depth and dimension to your music.

From solo performance, to big band or orchestra, we have you covered.

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Multi-Camera Recording

Dynamic visuals are at the core of our multi-camera recording services. We use multiple angles to capture the essence of your performance, providing a visually immersive experience for your audience.

Have you music recorded with up 5 cameras.


Whether fine-tuning your audio masterpiece or perfecting your visual story, our services ensure a superior, professionally polished product.

Mix and Master

Perfect your sound with our Mix and Master services, where expert engineers refine every detail for a polished sonic experience.

Video edit

In the visual realm, our Video Edit services seamlessly blend creativity and technical finesse, transforming raw footage into compelling videos of your performance.

Multiple formats

We produce and deliver recordings according to your needs, from long-form, complete concerts to short-form vertical videos for social media.

Complete Concert Recording


Capture the full spectrum of your live performance.

Full Tracks


Showcase your music with complete recordings of your music, live or in studio.


Artist Documentary


Unveil the story behind your music with a cinematic exploration of your creative journey and the essence of your artistry.

Backstage/Making of Content


Take your audience behind the scenes with you, create an intimate glimpse into the creative process and personalities that shape your music.


Short Form Edits for Social Media


We deliver visually striking and concise snippets tailored for maximum impact on various social platforms.

Livestream Concert


Connect with your audience in real-time through a virtual experience, mixed and edited in realtime, bringing the magic of your performance directly to fans worldwide.

Flexible setup at a great value

Our audio and video services are designed to cater to the unique needs of every musician, offering great flexibility that spans from intimate one-person operations with minimal gear to expansive productions supported by a team of seasoned professionals.


We understand that each project is distinct, and our adaptable approach ensures optimization for varying scales and requirements.


Whether you're a solo artist seeking a minimalist recording, a band or an orchestra aspiring for a comprehensive production, we tailor our services to deliver exceptional value based on your specific needs.

Rafael Piccolotto de Lima

Lead audiovisual producer

Rafael has a master's degree in Studio Jazz Writing from the Frost School of Music, over a decade of industry experience, and the distinction of winning two DownBeat Awards as a recording engineer during his time as a teaching assistant at the University of Miami.


Notably, as a Grammy-nominated composer and music director, his finely tuned ear and artistic sensibilities add an unparalleled dimension to every project.

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